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We are a knowledge hub and resource center for state legislatures. Browse our state legislative oversight directories, articles, and Levin Center testimony here. 

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SOA Monthly Content

  • Oversight Overview is a video series that explores how state legislatures across the nation are performing oversight of a particular issue, such as Medicare, corrections, and child welfare.
  • FAST (Federal and State Tutorials) Classes are short podcasts with experts that provide brief introductions to new oversight tools, concepts, or topics. This quick listen is full of tips to get your oversight investigation off the ground!  Available in the podcast feed of the Levin Center’s Oversight Matters on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

  • State Oversight Matters, the State Oversight Academy’s blog, offers expert advice on conducting oversight investigations in your state legislature, oversight news from statehouses across the country, and other important topics in the field.

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Example Bill Language

  • Michigan Senate Joint Resolution (2022): Proposed an amendment to the state constitution that would create a permanent, bicameral, bipartisan, joint oversight committee in the Legislature.
  • Nebraska Legislative Resolution 226 (2021): Established an interim study to examine how the Legislature holds state agencies accountable in the implementation of laws through oversight, and if oversight processes needed to be improved.