Read Professor Winter’s Op-Ed in The Hill

Read the excellent op-ed by Wayne Law Professor Steve Winter and Professor Jeremy Paul of Northeastern University Law School in The Hill entitled “Of course Trump isn’t immune from prosecution.”

Of course Trump isn’t immune from prosecution

by Jeremy Paul and Steve Winter

The Hill, May 1, 2024

Last week’s Supreme Court argument in Trump v. United States on the question of presidential immunity left us wondering whether people, including some of the justices, have forgotten why we have law in the first place.

The question before the court was narrow: If Special Counsel Jack Smith can show that President Donald Trump knowingly tried to subvert the results of a free and fair election, is Smith barred from seeking a criminal conviction because of some implicit principle not apparent in the Constitution? Put more simply, does it make sense for any country to immunize a defeated leader from accountability for using his power of office to reject the will of the people?