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We have published our fall 2023 newsletter edition. You can find the opening message from Levin Center Director, Jim Townsend, below. Click the button to read the full newsletter. 

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Message from the Levin Center Director

As many of you will have heard, we launched our State Oversight Academy in March 2023 shortly after our last newsletter edition. The launch included panel discussions, the release of our State Legislative Oversight Wiki, a new state oversight blog and monthly newsletter, brief oversight overview videos, and a wealth of other tools and resources that we hope will engage and inspire lawmakers and academics alike to join in our work. To support our State Oversight Academy, we also welcomed Ian McKnight as our new State Training and Development Manager. 

Meanwhile, the Levin Center’s other programming, including congressional and state oversight training sessions, support for oversight scholars, and student programs continues to advance. In this newsletter you will meet our 2023 Oversight Fellow, our newest Levin Center staff members, and get updates on our various projects. Thank you for your continued interest and support!