Meet our New Levin Center Team Member – Ian McKnight!

Ian McKnight joined the Levin Center team in July 2023 as our new State Training and Development Manager working alongside Ben Eikey and Kyle Goedert for the State Oversight Academy.

As a good government geek and legislative branch loyalist, Ian helps state legislators, their staff, and the public understand the important role of bipartisan, fact-based oversight in our system of government.

A native of West Michigan, Ian earned his BA in political science and American studies from Kalamazoo College in 2019. Before joining the Levin Center, he worked for a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and conducted software implementations and training for state legislatures across the country.

Ian enjoys state capitol tours and train travel. He is a third-generation election worker and licensed tour guide in New York City, where he lives.

Get in touch with Ian for any state legislative oversight question you have:!