Levin Center Releases High School Classroom Materials

To celebrate National Civics Day, the Levin Center is pleased to announce the launch of its first classroom resources and lesson plans for U.S. Civics and U.S. History high school classes. The Learning by Hearings classroom material is now LIVE on the Levin Center website.

Based on our profiles of historic congressional oversight investigations, the civic education program, Learning by Hearings, enables students to experience pivotal moments in American history while learning about our democratic system and fundamental concepts such as the separation of powers. Aligned with MI Social Studies Standards and the College, Career, and Civic (C3) Life Framework, the program provides a library of lesson plans, reading activities, and classroom simulations to support student learning.  

We are now piloting Learning by Hearings in high schools across Michigan. All teachers and educators accessing the resources are kindly asked to fill a brief 4-question survey prior to downloading materials. This initial feedback will help us continuously improve our materials, making sure they meet teachers and students’ needs. Stay tuned for more updates of the site!

Want to find out more? Click below to see our available resources!

  (If you are not an educator but would like to see our resources, please fill the survey and tick the box ‘no, I am not an educator.’)