Nina Roorda

Administrative Assistant

Nina Roorda is the Levin Center’s Administrative Assistant since May 2024. Nina worked for Deutsche Bank AG and Volksbank eG for nine years before moving to the United States. Nina has a lot of experience with managing a portfolio of projects while covering financial planning for a broad range of customers.

Nina earned her Apprenticeship as a Bank Clerk from the Deutsche Bank AG (Germany) and prior to that obtained her “Zwischenpruefung” (German equivalent of Bachelor of Education) from the Goethe-University of Frankfurt am Main.

Nina is responsible for travel booking and reimbursement reports, meeting scheduling, invoicing and administrative record keeping for the Levin Center.

Qualified Bank Clerk, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt am Main

“Zwischenpruefung” (Equivalent to U.S. Bachelor Degree) in Highschool Education, Goethe-University, Frankfurt am Main