Headshot of Ian McKnight, Levin Center State Training and Development Manager.


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Ian McKnight

Manager, State Training and Development

Ian McKnight is a State Training and Development Manager at the Levin Center for Oversight and Democracy. He joined the Levin Center in July 2023 to work with the State Oversight Academy. A good government geek and legislative branch loyalist, Ian helps state legislators, their staff, and the public understand the important role of bipartisan, fact-based oversight in our system of government.

A native of West Michigan, Ian earned his BA in political science and American studies from Kalamazoo College in 2019. Before joining the Levin Center, he worked for a member of the Michigan House of Representatives and conducted software implementations and training for state legislatures across the country.

Ian enjoys state capitol tours and train travel. He is a third-generation election worker and licensed tour guide in New York City, where he lives.

B.A. Political Science