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Betsy Wright Hawkings

Manager, Congressional Outreach

Betsy Wright Hawkings served as chief of staff to four Republican House members over 25 years, including her hometown Congressman Christopher Shays of Connecticut, helping to develop coalitions to balance the federal budget and pass cross-partisan legislation like the Congressional Accountability Act and legislation to establish the 9-11 Commission and implement its recommendations.  

She later served as the founding Managing Director of Democracy Fund’s Principled Leadership and Effective Governance program, where she built a team of eight and a $12 million grant portfolio focused on fostering dialogue across the ideological spectrum and reducing incentives for hyper-partisanship and gridlock in government.  Under her leadership, DF helped develop and fund new campaigns for needed evolution of congressional systems, processes and procedures, and conceived and invested in innovative programs to deepen leadership development for members of Congress and staff and promote more effective oversight and accountability in government.  

She now is Managing Partner of Article One Advisors, a consulting firm focused on providing expert analysis of Congress and strategic advice to organizations seeking to support improved function in that institution, foster dialogue across the ideological spectrum; promote more effective congressional systems, processes and procedures; develop innovative programs to deepen leadership development for members of Congress and staff; and reduce incentives for hyper-partisanship and gridlock in government.

A Williams College Mead Scholar whose public service and leadership has been recognized with awards from Groton School (MA) and the Stennis Center for Public Service (DC), Betsy lives with her husband, veteran congressional journalist David Hawkings, in Philadelphia.  They have two grown sons.